About Juarez & Juarez Family Medical Clinic, Inc.

At Juarez & Juarez Family Medical Clinic, Inc., we believe that growing older doesn’t have to mean getting slower, becoming weaker, or having to give up the activities we most enjoy. We are passionate about serving our patients and meeting their needs so they can enjoy a healthier, more fulfilling, and active life at any age. Our compassionate and highly capable staff at our facility in San Antonio, TX provides care geared toward reversing or alleviating common aging concerns, such as:

We strive to help you recover your energy and exuberance so you can continue to live life to the fullest.

  • Decreased sex drive/libido
  • Hot flashes
  • Memory loss
  • Mood swings and irritability
  • Night sweats
Serine young woman is getting facial botox injection. Beautician hands in gloves holding syringe near her face

Our History

Juarez & Juarez Family Medical Clinic, Inc. was established in 1980. Our state-of-the-art medical facility is equipped to provide our patients with a wide range of services, from eye exams and bone density testing to disease prevention and medication management.

What Sets Us Apart

Apart from family medicine, we are proud to offer anti-aging treatments, including hormone replacement therapy using bioidentical hormones (BHRT). Our treatments are safe and effective, as they are based on advanced hormone and drug research.

Our Company Philosophy

We treat the physical, psychological, and spiritual, and we believe that a healthy life is all free.

Business Hours

Monday to Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.